How We Helped a Dental Clinic Grow its Inquiries by 311.23% with SEO

Our client, a reputable dental clinic in Australia, planned to expand its patient base and increase inquiries for its comprehensive range of dental services. Despite offering high-quality care and state-of-the-art facilities, the clinic faced challenges in attracting new patients and competing with local dental practices.

This project was kickstarted in December 2022. By leveraging targeted SEO techniques, we optimized the clinic's online presence, improved search engine rankings, and attracted more qualified leads seeking dental services.

Result Achieved with our SEO strategies implementation:

- Increased Inquiries: Inquiries through the clinic's website rose by 75%.
- Improved Search Rankings: The clinic achieved top 3 rankings in SERPs for targeted dental keywords, resulting in a 150% increase in organic traffic.
- Enhanced Local Visibility: Local search visibility improved significantly, with a 100% increase in website visits from users in the clinic's geographic area.
- Growth in Patient Base: The clinic experienced a 50% increase in new patient registrations and appointment bookings, leading to a notable expansion of its patient base.
- Positive ROI: The ROI from the SEO campaign exceeded expectations, generating a 200% increase in revenue attributed to online inquiries and patient acquisitions.
- Improved GSC Performance: The website clicks increased by 79.29% and Impressions increased by 116.27% from the SEO campaign.

Client Business Name

Dental Clinic in Australia

Onboard Date

12 Dec 2022


Search Engine Optimization

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Our Strategy

  • – Conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-volume dental keywords.
  • – Optimizing website content and meta tags to target relevant search queries effectively.
  • – Created informative and engaging content addressing common dental concerns, treatment options, and oral health tips.
  • – Regular blog posts and articles were published to establish the clinic as a credible authority in dental care.
  • – Optimized Google My Business listing and local citations to improve the clinic’s visibility in local search results.
  • Internal linking to distribute SEO equity among key pages.
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